Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures of Photography

Pictures of Photography are wonderful things to all photographs lovers. Pictures of photography are real photos, which is not making by any software or any system and is not created by any program.  It is natural and real pictures of photography, which can give you some imagine view, nature excellent moment that can make you happy and jolly.
However, though I am not a good photographer but I tried to show you some nice pictures of photography those are taken by me.
I decide to publish some nice pictures of photography in the post and now I am going you published in the photography blog site.
Bangladesh is a nice country and if you see the Natural Beauty of Bangladesh then you will be wondered. All photos are taken form Bangladesh rural area. The first pictures of Photograph of Paddy and third is paddy field. Second photograph is one kind of flower which is born in the water Named “Kochuriful” in Bangladeshi language. Forth pictures of Paddy flower which is one kind of grass which born in the paddy filed and last (5th) one is photograph of Sunset.  
If you have any comment, guidelines, instruction or suggestion about my photography then please you are most welcome to leave a comment below the post. If possible I will must follow your guidelines and instruction.
So, Please feel free to leave a comment below the post of pictures of Photography.

paddy photography

water flower photography
One Kind of Water Flower. In Bangladeshi language is called: "Kochuriful"

paddy field photography
Paddy Field

paddy flower photography
Grass Flower. Which is born in Paddy Field.

sunset photography
Nice Moment of Sunset


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  3. Bangladesh seems like a great country to visit. It has a rich culture and a rich history as well. I wish our country had perfected our culture too. Had it not been for the conquerors that ruled our lands, our culture and nationalism would be more pristine that it is today.

  4. I think the best one that you could capture here is a picture of a field of wheat. I always wanted to draw that scene when I was a kid, with the addition of a small hill and a tree growing on top where I would spend hours on end reading my books.

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  8. Great photos, thank you for sharing. The final one is the best.

  9. Nice pics, sweet bokeh. I love some great macro photography.

  10. Great work, thanks for these pictures. Some pictures are amazing.

  11. I love this. Great photos, I love the blurred backgrounds

  12. Very nice photography thanks for sharing with us.


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