Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lalbagh Fort is a Historical Place of Bangladesh

Lalbagh Fort is an ancient and heritage place in the Bangladesh. And recently Lalbagh Fort became so popular to those peoples who want to pass their time with a nice place. Lalbagh is that place where you can get the fresh air and awesome place to pass your time. It is one of the best Heritage and historical place in the Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

lalbagh fort

Photography is my hobby and recently I have visited the Lalbagh Fort (Killa) and took some photos to post in my Web Site for my Photography blog’s visitors. So that they can know about Lalbagh Fort (Killa)
In the Post you will get some photography of lalbagh Fort which photos are took by myself with my own hand. Though I am new photographer then I have tried to give you a best photography of me. And I wish if your inspiration with me then I can be arrive in the top of my Goal of Photography.
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lalbagh killa

lalbagh dhaka

lalbagh bangladesh


  1. These are amazing pictures. I had no idea that Bangledesh had such beauty to offer. It will definitely have to be added to my list of places to see.

    1. great architecture, great food and culture....

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  2. Looks like a very nice place, I always like these historic sites, full of stories and mysterious!

  3. I love the architecture, not something you see in the usa

  4. Is it the lighting in the photos or this place looks a bit reddish? Like clay.

  5. Nice pictures of you have here.The place looks very natural and cool atmospheric.

  6. Hi!it is a good post with a cool them.Nice to see all the images thanks for sharing

  7. One would be surely thrilled to visit such place. Thanks a lot for sharing some amazing photos here.

  8. wow, beautiful, I'm adding this to my "places to visit" list


  9. I would love to get to see all of these places. I had no idea how beautiful Bangledesh was. Have to go....on my list to do before I die!!

  10. I do love your photos and I hope I could visit this place someday. The architectures are really amazing. I'll keep visiting to see more of your photos.

  11. I didn't know that Bangladesh was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

  12. Great photos you should try to capture some clouds behind the buildings were even the moon had some drama

  13. It is very glorious work compiling the information and very useful tips given by u for the readers
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  14. what a beautiful place for photography!

  15. Photography is my one of the best and most important hobby of my life so I always try to continue the photography.

  16. I love the images you chose! I want to visit there myself one day!

  17. It is really good to visit to your pictures guys as we can get new information about Bangladesh. Thanks for share with us.

  18. A single point I just would like to say is the fact your Blog is so ideal valuable for us.


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